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quantum energy healing, MEDIUMSHIP,



in person: Washington state, USA

remotely by videoconference


starting at $125/50min


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Passionate about personal growth and becoming radiant, I want to help you gain clarity and understanding on your expansive, healing, spiritual journey.  


In honor of life's most intense lessons, I offer you tools and support for bringing acceptance to what you are going through and who you are becoming. Honoring the wholeness of you.


An Intuitive Healer, Soul Path Guide, High Priestess, Medium, and Channel for the 9D Arcturian Council, I perform Shamanic and Indigenous Ceremony Healing sessions, Initiation Ceremonies, Crystalline Healing Grid Activations (RNA), Quantum Lineage Repair, Soul Tie Removal, Atomic Stillpoint Ascension Activation ...


In my region in Washington state, Larabee Park, Bellingham WA, I lead Sistar Ceremony circles in person, to remember what it feels like to be together as women, to know that our time here on earth matters and that sharing any pain we hold is made lighter and joy is amplified.

I also offer several on-line courses such as Step into Stillpoint which include fun, candid conversations about how to cultivate and honor ALL of who you are and who you are becoming. You can find me on my various social media platforms where I consistently upload videos and content.

A soul co-creating on Earth, I am committed to on-going healing within myself and being of service to souls of EARTH. 


The future is Quantum, Vibration & fractal Geometry.

In service,

Kerri Starr


Kerri Starr is an amazing energy healer.  I recently had a session with her and got activated by her in a major way.  After working with her I am so wide open that my own healing sessions I offer clients have been absolutely next level. If you are a healer this will activate your third eye, like Whoa! 

- -Victoria M., Chakra Flow University Founder

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1:1 coaching

Enjoy a one on one coaching session to help you see a clear path through each issue you are choosing to face. 


Have you ever experienced speaking everything in your heart that feels true - no matter how it sounds - and received grounded support, belief and space to love and accept what is held there? 


I offer exceptional Intuitive Coaching for your life from traumatic crisis to spiritual awakening through every season and stage. You will be blown away!

Receive encouragement, support and tools to move through what is challenging you with exceptional intuitive energy guidance and wisdom. 


I am extremely skilled at cutting through the fog of confusion and getting at the core of an issue in the body, energy or spiritual realm for clients.

Each session may include Mediumship, Quantum Field work, Ancestral lineage healing, DNA activations, Emotional Intelligence training and Stillpoint physical modalities.

Death Doula & Last Rites Ceremonies

2 hour duration, $500 USD. In person for Whatcom & Skagit Counties in Washington state USA and world-wide via Zoom.

I offer grounded & calm compassionate clarity & support for loved ones and holy guidance for returning souls.


All ceremonies are designed especially for each family based on mutual desires and if there is a preferred religion. It can be as simple as sitting quietly to assist & guide the returning soul in a peaceful supportive way.  I also offer to perform a beautiful ceremony which may include music, singing, and a beautifully guided Celebrational Ceremony.


Death is a sacred part of our life process on earth.  We may understand that in theory, but it is an entirely different experience when we face this reality with our beloved.  I am extremely skilled creating grounded loving space for emotionally charged experiences.  It would be my honor to create a space of harmonic love and calm during this exceptional time. 


Lovingly tailored for the experience of all in presence.  I work in tandem with family and friends to offer a loving and moving send off for the departing soul.  It is a very special and sacred time for those of us on earth, but especially for the soul in transition.  It is a stunningly beautiful experience and one that I offer with a heart full of service and humility.

MY STORY & Loving life

​Have you ever had the experience that everywhere you turn in your life, things were not as you thought they would be... like you wake up one day and wonder how you got here?  So far away from yourself?

Or you look at your work and realize you sorta hate it.  Or your friends and family don't really get you and frankly you're so tired of pretending to  be someone you're not anymore.  But how are you going to keep it all together?  I asked these questions and had all of these thoughts.


My health was suffering, I was deeply conflicted about my life and abilities were awakening in my that I didn't understand.  I didn't keep it all together.  I surrendered to all the painful places.  I started to unravel my life.  My ego fought me so hard, I had built so many walls around myself when truly at the center of everything - I am a highly sensitive person.  Deeply attuned to energy and space and people.  Nothing in my life was making sense.

I had many of these realizations in my 30's and they felt pretty scary.  I didn't realize this is a common part of Awakening on our spiritual path.  The path to Becoming.  There were so many twists and turns when I chose the path of authenticity, it felt clunky, uncomfortable and I shed alot of tears.  

As I navigated my way towards authenticity and figuring out who I actually was...not who i pretended to be, or who other people said I was I learned alot.  I spent years in quiet, listening to my heart and uncovering my path and the reason I am on this earth.   It has been incredible and has unconvered so many things about myself the I have learned to fall in love with and greet with gentle peace... a Stillpoint.

It feels absolutely thrilling to know why I came here. With each step that I have taken in faith and Surrender, my path has widened.  I have been given more abilities, clear sight has been granted.   What my life's purpose is and I am fascinated by the challenge of it.  It scares me, but I like that because I feel alive and In faith and loving surrender I take the next step.


13 surgeries & healing an autoimmune disease

20 yr marriage + divorce

Being a homemaker and homeschooling Mama to seeing my children 2 weekends a month for 5 years

Letting go of so many friendships

Losing relationships with close family members


Becoming a Medium and Intuitive Energy Healer & Channel

Creating a business to walk with others on their healing path

3 Gorgeous relationships with my children

Authentic friendships

A gentle unfloding of peace with family members

Cultivating a beautiful, loving relationship with the Woman in the mirror.  I love her so much and I root for her everyday

​_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ​_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ​_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

I grew up in a little house in the big woods, I played in the creek, rode my bike and had a bad ass tree fort.  I attended church every Sunday and ate white bread/Kraft singles & otter pops every summer and thought life was pretty damn sweet. Married at 19 with 3 sweeties to follow. Age 25, I started learning about nutritions through self study and was intrigued by how higher quality food created a more joyful resonance in my body

Desired a different way of healing… food/farm/homeschooling/alternative medicine/spiritual ascension.


Led me to Ancient Chinese Medical Qigong healing modalities, began working with & alongside a practitioner and enrolling in their Intuitive Medicine School  for 18 months. I lived a monastic lifestyle for 1 year following my exceptionally painful divorce. 

Seeing clients on a weekly basis,

Looking at all my shadow and pain points and activily particioating in facing them and healing,

Learning functional Qigong diagnosis / treatment for physical/ energetic / spiritual  Qi blocks which was the jumping off space for my accelerated energetic/spiritual journey.

Physically experiencing and creating on-going healing of and Autoimmune Imbalance in my body (Stage 4 Endomeitriosis) caused me to examine every area of my life and how I had participated in every aspect of it’s creation.  Ego death is a painful and powerful part of our growth.

Surrender… leading to gifts, answers and deeper truths homecoming to the woman I was created to be



Allowing our heart & path to be healed, celebrated and honored

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  • 18 mo + Intensive study Ancient Chinese Energetic Medicine with Intuitive Medicine College

  • 600+ hour Qi Gong Client diagnostic/treatment lab

  • 1year Intensive Monastic Lifestyle

  • 1 year intensive study Temple of Original Thunder Priestess Training

  • On-going Chinese Energetic Medicine training and self study

  • Quantum field work activations with the 9th dimensional Arcturian Council with a focus on lineage trauma and karmic hooks, quantum fabric repair and soul retrival.  Crystal Grid Activations and soul contracts.

  • Ayurveda Dosha training (25hr) Chakra flow University

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